About Us

Natureway, started its journey under the brand “Naturanna” in the year 2006. The term ‘organically grown’ was then quite foreign in the minds of the Indian consumer. Over the last fifteen years Natureway has been relentlessly engaging itself towards making this term gain ground. Natureway, being a production based company has expanded its presence slowly but steadily and today it has a wide range of products – from farm fresh, exotic and regular vegetables and fruits to staples, spices and other grocery products. All this was accomplished under the able guidance and leadership of trained and experienced scientists and agronomists, a dedicated team and several farmers committed to the cause of providing food that is safe, wholesome and nutritious.

Natureway is primarily a production based company. Organic cultivation is a monumental task, which requires strict monitoring to ensure that the correct cultivation methods are followed to truly qualify as Organic. Teaching the farmers about the long term harmful effect of chemical cultivation and bringing them back on the track of natural farming to keep the soil productive is not only a time taking process but a gruelling and engaging one. This also demands live demonstration of the results, hand holding to the farmers and huge investment. Over the years Natureway has been doing exactly the same contributing towards the overall benefit of the farming community and the entire food ecosystem.  Natureway has created a robust knowledge base of organic cultivation, standardized the same and continuously trained farmers to adopt these methodologies. Natureway has its own certified organic farms in several districts of West Bengal ranging over wide agroclimatic zones, in its effort to provide the much in demand off season products. The company also engages with many such farmer groups and self-help groups, trains them and procures from them the certified organic products. 

On the consumer front, Natureway’s certified products under the brand  “Naturanna” are available in several stores of reputable retail chains and online channels, as well as some organic stores. The products are also home delivered through our own online channel and also supplied in bulk quantities to some hotels and restaurants in Kolkata. We thank all our customers and consumers for their continuous patronage. Every packet that finds its way to the table helps in contributing to a much needed Green Planet.